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Urbo Monitor Stand with Type-C USB Hub for Multi-Device Connectivity + K

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Urbo Monitor Stand with Type-C USB Hub for Multi-Device Connectivity + Keyboard Storage for Efficient Work Spaces

Urbo Monitor Stand with Type-C USB Hub for Multi-Device Connectivity + Keyboard Storage for Efficient Work Spaces Features

  1. ✔ STYLISH: Keyboard and mouse tuck neatly underneath the 1.3" (4.2 cm) high stand to clear up desk area. Urbo Monitor Stand's surface is wide enough to accommodate additional desk accessories. Sophisticated silver aluminum stand is not only sturdy but also matches Apple and other modern monitors. Rosewood adds the right touch of elegance.
  2. ✔ MUSCULAR: Supports a maximum weight of 31 lb (14 kg) of monitors, laptops and notebooks such as MacBook, Chromebook Pixel and iMac. Rubber padding prevents slipping and protects desk surface. 4 USB ports on the hub to connect external devices like phones, keyboard, mouse, tablets, etc. simultaneously. Data transfer speed maximum 300 - 400 Mb/s.
  3. ✔ AVANT-GARDE: 1 Type-C port & 3 USB-A ports to connect and charge almost all devices + it is adjustable. Move the USB Hub to any side - right or left - as preferred. Plus, the 16.9" cable allows easier connection.
  4. ✔ HEALTHIER POSTURE: Raises your monitor so you need not lower your neck. Bid farewell to stiff backs, sore necks and aching arms because this sleek and sturdy stand puts your screen at eye level.
Upgrade your space, literally and figuratively

Take a stand for your health
You can invest in the best ergonomic chairs out there but if your monitor has not been placed on a pedestal, it amounts to naught. Standing up for your health is great but you can do it even when you are sitting down.

Placing the monitor atop your Urbo stand goes a long way in alleviating tense and sore shoulders and stiff necks. And of course, you already know the importance of putting the screen at eye level. This helps reduce eye fatigue.

Tuck away your keyboard underneath the monitor stand when you want to take a break from your screen - reading a book, doing your eye palming exercises or simply to rest your elbows on your desk for a while.

Hub of all things
Most of us have plenty of accessories of all kinds that need to connect to the laptop or monitor. But sometimes there simply aren't enough ports. Your Urbo stand comes with a Type-C Hub that not only has a 3 + 1 port configuration to offer but is also 'moveable'.

1 USB-C port - good for the generation of Type-C devices and is also backwards compatible
3 USB-A ports - for cameras, keyboards, flash drives, and so on.

If you want the hub to take sides along with you, simply shift it from right to left (or back again).

Dimensions: 15.7" x 7.8" x 1.7"
Weight: 1.92 lb
1 x USB-C 3.1 port is backwards compatible
3 x USB-A ports Input: 5 V / 900 mA, Output: ⋜5 V / 900 mA
Data Transfer Speed: Max 300 - 400 Mb/s

Supports the weight of monitor, laptop, notebook, MacBook, or all-in-one computers up to 31 lb (14 kg).

Rest easy with Urbo's 1-year Worldwide Warranty (automatically extends to 2 years when warranty is activated online).

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