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Ultra Soft Luxury Lanyard for Keys or ID - Made in USA - Solid Nude Tone

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Ultra Soft Luxury Lanyard for Keys or ID - Made in USA - Solid Nude Tone Tan

Ultra Soft Luxury Lanyard for Keys or ID - Made in USA - Solid Nude Tone Tan Features

  1. 20 inches long, neck opening of 30-32 inches
  2. Special printing process will never bleed, scratch, chip, or fade.
  3. Constructed from breathable webbing woven with a rounded edge to ensure comfort for sensitive skin
  4. Ultra-soft and silky polyester braid for all day comfort. Made in the USA.
Our patterned lanyards are bestsellers, but some environments call for more subdued lanyards. Our solid colored lanyards were designed with the professional in mind. Featuring options in primary colors, earthtones, pastels, and subdued neutrals, our solid colored lanyards are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and complementary to your professional business wardrobe.

Perfect as a badge or key card holder, this lanyard also works great as a distinctive keychain- the 20" length means keys you loan out won't get forgotten in a pocket or bag.

This lanyard features lightweight, strong, and very soft polyester fabric with a metal crimp and hook to securely hold keys, badges or credentials in your pocket or around your neck. The design is permanently embedded into the webbing on both sides in a process called dye sublimation. This printing technique creates the design by dying the fibers of the trim rather than creating a design on top and this method leaves a super soft, smooth surface resulting in a lanyard that is comfortable to wear all day long. Because of this high quality printing process, the design will remain vibrant through use, guaranteed to never bleed, crack, scratch off, or fade. It's this printing process combined with our ultra lightweight, silky smooth, and breathable webbing that we think creates the perfect lanyard for sensitive skin and for necks that are irritated by the rough edges of most lanyards.

This lanyard measures approximately 20" from the center of the neck strap to the tip of the clip. Adult sized. 20 inches long, neck opening of 30-32 inches.

This is not a breakaway lanyard, however as a safety feature the components of this lanyard are designed to fail if an unsafe amount of pressure is placed on the lanyard. MADE IN THE USA.

Price: $8.20

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