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TOTALPACK 10" x 13" Self-Seal Polyethylene Envelopes - Tear-Pr

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TOTALPACK 10" x 13" Self-Seal Polyethylene Envelopes - Tear-Proof Poly Mailers For Mailing - Shipping & Couriers - Enhanced Durability Multipurpose Envelopes Keep Items Safe & Protected - 25 Pack Features

  1. STOP STRUGGLING WITH FLIMSY MAILERS - Our elite poly mailer bags can be used for shipping all items, from t-shirts to jewelry and gadgets, thanks to their robust construction and reliable self-seal closure. All stamps, labels or even ink will adhere effortlessly, thus making your life easier.
  2. SAVE YOUR MONEY ON SHIPPING COSTS - Compared to other bulky and impractical mailers, the TOTALPACK elite self-seal poly envelopes are lighter, so you don't have to waste a fortune on shipping. In addition, the super-strong seams will allow you to over-stuff your poly bags without any worries.
  3. KEEP ALL YOUR ITEMS SAFE & SECURE EASILY - The TOTALPACK user-friendly and sturdy poly mailers are designed to offer you enhanced protection, since they are made of superior-quality polyethylene, which is not only heavy-duty, but also water-resistant and tamper-resistant.
  4. DISCOVER THE MOST PRACTICAL POLY ENVELOPES - Unlike other low-quality mailing envelopes that tear easily and provide no protection whatsoever, the TOTALPACK premium polyethylene envelopes feature a tear-proof design that will keep all your shipping items in perfect condition until they reach their destination.
The Ultimate TotalPack® Poly Mailing Bag
TotalPack® Poly Courier Bags are manufactured by us right here in the United States. You get the highest quality polyethylene supplies for the lowest price every time.

High quality shipping bags with Triple-Layer Technology
TotalPack® Polyethylene shipping bags are engineered with a three layer film to provide moisture and puncture resistance + unprecedented tear and burst strength.

Super durable poly mailing envelopes keep your items SECURE

TotalPack® Durable Mailing Pouches are tamper evident with strong self-seal adhesive closures, a poly release liner, and easy-to-use-secure poly closures.

Additional Courier Mailing Features

Use these poly bags to ship products easily or simply store your goods securely. Keeps your product safe during all of the different stages of packaging and transportation.
Saves on shipping cost with light-weight and flexible shipping plastic; mailing things just became simpler.
Designed to be over-stuffed with ultra high-strength seams
Poly Plastic Industrial Strength Bags hold your items in transit when others don't. Trust TotalPack®with all of your premium shipping needs.

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