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Office Premium Chair Mat 35"x47" Carpet Protection Mat High &a

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Office Premium Chair Mat 35

Office Premium Chair Mat 35"x47" Carpet Protection Mat High & Medium Pile - Studded - Clear w Lip Features

  1. Smooth edge enables easy carpet to chair mat transition at home, office or any commercial environment
  2. Long Gripper back for high pile carpet up,studded bottom surface provides superior, non-skidding gripping power over carpet
  3. Protective clear vinyl chair mat protects carpet surfaces from wear and tear and everyday damage and extends carpet life
Office Premium Chair Mat 35" x 47" Carpet Protection Mat High Medium Pile, Studded, with Lip
Ideal for home or office, the Tikteck Carpet Chair Mat protects floors from damage caused by chair legs or rolling casters. The chair mat creates a protective barrier and it won't mark or damage the floor or carpet. The mat works with higp-pile carpets. Its smooth edges make it easy to roll a chair on and off, whether rolling from a desk to a file cabinet or transitioning from one workstation to another.

Rugged Construction
Durable, clear, the Tikteck Carpet Chair Mat features phthalate-free PVC construction for optimal strength and a thinner, more lightweight design, unlike thicker, heavier floor mats. The vinyl mat will not crack, curl at the edges, discolor, or pick up odors. It offers ultimate floor protection where there's chair movement, heavy foot traffic, or risk of spilling food or beverages.

Gripper Back
This chair mat features a gripper back that keeps the mat securely in place-without damaging the carpet or leaving behind sticky residue. The mat's long gripper back provides stay-in-place convenience on high pile carpets.

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