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Microsoft Surface Pen Platinum Model 1776 (EYU-00009)

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Microsoft Surface Pen Platinum Model 1776 (EYU-00009)

Microsoft Surface Pen Platinum Model 1776 (EYU-00009) Features

  1. Connector type: bluetooth 4.0. Use Surface Pen with apps like OneNote, Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Sketch able, Bluebeam Revue, Draw board, CorelDraw, and Staff pad
  2. Reduced lag/low latency: Ink flows out in real time with no lag or latency
  3. Precisely sketch and shade with 4,096 pressure points that respond to the lightest touch
  4. Surface Pen. Write and draw naturally. Create without limits
Create without limits. New Surface Pen is better and faster than ever, with precision ink on one end and a rubber eraser on the other — plus tilt for shading, greater sensitivity, and virtually no lag. Think With Ink: Windows and Office give Surface Pen more power than ever. Strikethrough words to delete, circle text to select, highlight using Ink Editor — and even replay the sequence of mark-ups from others. Easy Note-Taking: Taking and managing notes with OneNote is easier than ever. Do homework, replay notes to better remember your thoughts, and write out math equations that solve themselves using Ink Math Assistant — all in one place. No Printing Required: Streamline editing documents with digital inking. Use your Surface Pen to annotate and highlight text and the built-in digital ruler to set things straight. Writes like pen on paper: Surface Pen is a natural writing and drawing tool, with precision ink on one end that now enables tilt and a natural-feeling rubber eraser on the other. 4,096 pressure points: Sketch, shade, and paint with artistic precision and finer control with 4,096 pressure points that respond to the lightest touch. Responds to an artist’s touch: Effortlessly express the finest sketches and lines with Surface Pen. Rest your hand on the screen of your Surface device, just as you would writing on a notebook. Compatibility: Surface Studio; Surface Laptop; Surface Book 2; Surface Book; Surface Pro (Surface Pen tilt functionality is currently available with Surface Pro and Surface Book 2); Surface Pro 4; Surface Pro 3; Surface 3. What’s in the box: Surface Pen with HB tip installed; AAAA Battery.

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