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Mead Dry Erase Board, Whiteboard / White Board, 24" x 18", Alu

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Mead Dry Erase Board - Whiteboard White Board - 24

Mead Dry Erase Board - Whiteboard White Board - 24" x 18" - Aluminum Frame (85355) Features

  1. Whiteboard hangs vertically or horizontally with easy pass-through mounting hardware
  2. 2' x 1 1/2' board with silver finish, aluminum frame is sturdy and stylish
  3. Recommended for personal work areas or spaces with light traffic
  4. Whiteboard with blank surface is a solid choice for messaging and organization
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Mead Classic Dry-Erase Board, 2W x 1.5H Feet, Aluminum

Mead Classic Dry-Erase Board
Brainstorm ideas, collaborate, issue lists and reminders on this basic whiteboard.

A great value, this board provides a smooth surface for basic note taking in a low-traffic environment. It’s perfect in your cube or office. Mount it vertically or horizontally with the included pass through mounting hardware and store accessories on the marker tray. One Quartet dry-erase marker is included to get you started communicating with ease. Extend the life of the durable melamine surface by cleaning it regularly with board cleaning solutions.

Mead Classic Dry-Erase Board
Mead Classic Dry-Erase Board

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