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Manual Push Open Cash Drawer with Ringing Bell, 4 Bill Slots/5 Coin Tray

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Manual Push Open Cash Drawer with Ringing Bell - 4 Bill Slots 5 Coin Trays 13

Manual Push Open Cash Drawer with Ringing Bell - 4 Bill Slots 5 Coin Trays 13" inches (Crisp White) Features

  1. Strong, heavy gauge steel construction with stainless steel front panel, offering you durability with classy design for cash register POS station
  2. Compact, portable, and easy to transport money drawer weighing only 10 pounds, cash tray is removable for easy till counting
  3. Bright bell ring with every transaction reminding you of your continued success
  4. Cash drawer opens with a simple push of your finger, requiring no power connectivity
The Certus Global Manual Push Open Cash Drawer, Crisp White is a cash box that will be the focal point of your business. This money drawer is designed to be opened with just a push of your finger, this cash drawer tray requires no power connectivity to open and close.

Integrated with a ringing bell, you will proudly hear the sound of money with every transaction.

Built out of heavy gauge steel and a sleek stainless steel front panel, this cash tray will beautify your POS station and will keep your customers at the cash register longer as they watch in awe of the beauty and durability of this cash drawer.

Painted with a crisp, white matte finish, this manual open cash drawer matches beautifully with other white POS appliances and equipment.

Product Specifications:

  • Access: Manual Push Open Only
  • Connectivity: Does not integrate with any POS system. Cannot connect to printers or cash register
  • 4 Bill Slots
  • 5 Coin Trays
  • Removable cash register tray, for easy till closing
  • 1 Media slot for large bills and checks
  • 2 keys for added security
  • Color: Crisp White
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Size: 3.5" x 13" x 13.6" inches
  • Bonus: Ringing Bell

Price: $69.99

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