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LARGE 17" X 12" Magnetic “Specials of The Day” Solid Black

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LARGE 17" X 12" Magnetic “Specials of The Day” Solid Black Chalkboard Dry Erase Chart (Meal Planner) Features

  1. "QUALITY AND ASSURANCE"... Made with a full 30mil magnet so that this magnet will stick well to your fridge. These magnets ship flat and we package them to avoid any bends or curls. We know you'll love our products that's why we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE...If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase simply contact us and we'll take care of it. Read our HONEST "Product Reviews" and "Sellers Reviews". We "NEVER DISCOUNT OUR CHARTS TO BUY POSITIVE REVIEWS"!
  2. "ELIMINATE"...."The Open Fridge Standing Stare", We've all done this...staring into the fridge wondering what we're going to cook tonight.... Problem solved with this Specials of the Day Planner. "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?".... Plan your meals well in advance and write them on this chart so you never have to hear our kids yell out "What's for Dinner Mom/Dad" again.
  3. "SAVE TIME".... Rushing home from work already knowing what you're going to make for dinner makes time in the kitchen less painful and absolutely saves you valued time! Also a great way to stay on top of any diet that you may have to be on. We all need our veggies!
  4. "SAVE MONEY" .... Plan ahead with our cool magnetic 12" X 17" "Specials of The Day" menu chart... Knowing what's for dinner this week and having a "Real" grocery list WILL save you money and save you time. No more wandering up and down the isle of your local grocery store pilling extra food in your cart! You'll know what to buy and how much. In and out. You will feel great knowing that you're filling your fridge with meals, not the random impulse hunger buys.
Our Magnetic "Specials of The Day" Chalkboard Dry Erase Chart is 17" X 12" . This chart is solid black and has been designed to look like a real chalk board while still having all the benefits of dry erase. Its large design is awesome for keeping track of your weekly meals, while still allowing plenty of room for keeping notes. This is perfect to keep track of meal successes and fails. Did they all have seconds? ..if so, check mark that meal for next time! It's so easy to use and the benefits are seen right away. Our lives can be hectic at times and even the simplest of organization can offer great relief to a busy day! You will save time and money. Planning your meals ahead makes for a quicker shopping experience and helps to prevent that impulse buying that fills up the cart with lots of food items but no real meals.... Keep everyone in the loop about what's for dinner today and the next, maybe they will even help out! Don't be fooled by other cheaper magnetic charts... Our magnet is extra thick and made from 30mil roll sheeting compared to most other magnet sheets that are only 10 mil or 20mil. This chart also has a full strong and sturdy magnet on the back not like some of the other magnetic boards that only have small magnets. We do not roll our magnets; we ship ours flat and well packaged to avoid damages. Avoid peeled edges and curling from other magnetic sheets that ship rolled! Unlike most others; our magnets are printed right here in North America. The dry erase surface allows you to write draw and wipe clean over and over again. Make sure to wipe clean with a dry paper towel. * We recommend using quality fine tip neon or pastel liquid chalk markers or neon dry erase markers as regular dry erase markers are not as visible on darker boards. We strive on our customer's satisfaction that's why we've designed great products and guarantee happy customers, just check our ratings :)

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