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Kuretake Picture Letter Gansai Tanbi, 36 Color Set (MC20/36V )

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Kuretake Picture Letter Gansai Tanbi - 36 Color Set (MC20 36V )

Kuretake Picture Letter Gansai Tanbi - 36 Color Set (MC20 36V ) Features

  1. Water based pigment
  2. Brush is not attached
  3. 36 colors set : Red (No.32), Carmine Red (No.35), Dark Pink (No.34), Wine Red (No.36), Cadmium Red (No.30), Scarlet Red (No.31), Orange (No.33), Light Brown (No.44)
Picture letter - some people good at drawing pictures, even those who do not, can start willingly. Birthday of family, wedding of friends, anniversary of lovers etc. - if you send a hearty picture letter, it Wii be surely a good memorial. With this set, you can represent colors that match various scenes. Colors are vivid, meriting fast, coloring are beautiful, so it suitable for coloriage, too. The non-toxic, water-based paints are lightfast and ideal for sketching, illustrations, sumi-e, cards, and more! Each watercolor block comes in individual tray that can be removed from the palette during use.

Price: $29.67

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