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Key Lock Box, Combination Lockbox with Code for House Key Storage, Com

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 Key Lock Box - Combination Lockbox with Code for House Key Storage - Combo Door Locker

Key Lock Box - Combination Lockbox with Code for House Key Storage - Combo Door Locker Features

  1. ✔Installation:Two way installation with a removable shackle.Hang where you want or mount on the wall. The lock box is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  2. ✔Capacity: This Security key lock box can store up to 6 keys with a key chain. The large internal space allows secure storage for multiple keys. Following the instructions to reset the 4-digit combination code is easy to follow.
  3. ✔Security: The combination lockbox was made of high strength zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel, which can protect the box from hammering, sawing or prying it open, it is rust resistant, sturdy and a reliable key safe box.
  4. ✔Convenient: When you have this lock box there is no need to hide your keys under the carpet, flowerpot, or mat. Only tell your 4-digit combination access code to people who you allowed get into your house.
The Buteny key lock box is designed for your convenience&safety

WIDE APPLICATION:The Buteny portable lock box is convenient for all kinds of situation on when you need to get access into your property.It is great for children after school,cleaning or maintenance services,vacations,pet sitter or people on the go etc.
EASY INSTALLATION:This adaptable buteny lock box could be mounted on the wall for emergency entry or with the removable shackle you can hang it to anywhere you prefer, for example doorknobs,metal fencing, railing or pipes etc.
USEFUL LOCKBOX:Stop to hiding your key under the mat and flowerpot.The Buteny lock box is a best product for your house or shop.Great to store your house key,office key,spare key,bank card,or small valuables. Keep them safe without any worries.
UNLIMITED CODE RESET:The original code of this Buteny lock box is 0000.Follow the instructions to reset the combination as many times as you want.

What's in the package
1 x key lock box
1 x User Manual
4 x screws
4 x expanding plugs

Note tips:
1.Avoiding combinations code such as 0-0-0-0.For best security,choose a combination that is difficult to crack
2.Rotate the dials weekly to maximize their lifespan.DO NOT forget your combination code.This lock box cannot be opened without the proper code
3.When you reset your new code,first do not scramble all dials,please using the new combination code to test open the lock box.Make sure that you can unlock it with the new code.
4.Always scramble the dials after you using your lock box and keep the lock box shutter closed at all times to protect combination dials from the elements.

Package Size:7.08*3.74*1.96inch
Product Size:4.45*3.35*1.57inch(without the shackle size)
Inner dimensions:3.54*2.56*1.29inch
Product Weight:550g
Package weight:44g
Material:Steel and zinc alloy

Price: $21.99

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