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KAIU Book Rest Bamboo, Sleek Design with Adjustable Angle Reading Rest,

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KAIU Book Rest Bamboo - Sleek Design with Adjustable Angle Reading Rest - Great for Cook Book - Studies - Tablet - Ipad and More!

KAIU Book Rest Bamboo - Sleek Design with Adjustable Angle Reading Rest - Great for Cook Book - Studies - Tablet - Ipad and More! Features

  1. STURDY front support coupled with 2 strong springed pegs plus rubber tips assures to keep your book/tablet safely in place
  2. ADJUSTABLE: Designed to have 6 different angle settings makes it very convenient to change as you please.
  3. GREAT QUALITY: Made using 100% eco-friendly certified bamboo with natural finishing for the real cooling and soothing feeling of bamboo
  4. AESTHETICS MEETS PRACTICALITY: Simple. Elegant. Practical. Our design is both beautiful and functional. It can easily be folded flat for storage and transportation

No more pain when reading your book/tablet!

Slouching causes pain in so many areas when reading a book - especially neck and back. This bookrest will prevent that from happening as it will be adjusted according to your need plus no more eye strain, wrist pain etc!

Made With The Best Quality Materials!

This Bookrest is made with high quality FSC certified bamboo. So rest assured that when you buy this you are protecting the environment

Original natural finishes give the product a real bamboo feeling, cooling, soothing and calming effects

Smart And Practical Design Just For You!

We understand that the design needs to be beautiful and functional at the same time, hence the reason we came up with the flat folded mechanism so you can easily fold and store the bookrest on the bookshelf, in your bag or anywhere you want!

6 adjustable angles to choose from to satisfy your needs!

It is so versatile that you can use it for soo many things...

  • Hold your cookbook when cooking
  • Read your favourite book handsfree
  • Hold your heavy bulky study book whilst you making a note
  • Watching movies on your iPad
  • and many more...!
  • Love It, Or Get Your Money Back!

    We love our KAIU Bookrest and we're 100% confident about it. That's why we back it up with a generous 1 year warranty as a standard.

    So get the Bookrest and try it out!

    Do you disagree? Is there something, ANYTHING that you don't like? Then let us know and we will refund you, no question asked!

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    Price: $37.96

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