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Gideal White Board 24" x 18 " Dry Erase Board for Home School

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Gideal White Board 24

Gideal White Board 24" x 18 " Dry Erase Board for Home School Office AB1 Features

  1. 4 black ABS anti-damage bag corner, 7 days after writing, still not lingering mark, easy to write easy to erase
  2. The border is a thick silver aluminum alloy frame with a thickness of 17mm and a width of 18mm. Comes with four invisible mounting holes and easy installation
  3. In the middle is the stiffened and high compressive corrugated board, the bottom plate is the colored galvanized base plate
  4. The panel is painted iron and steel white board, the panel has protective film, the panel is easy to write easy to erase, high quality dry cleaning board. The pen need to be pressed before use it, it is designed to save ink, when it is dry, press it until the ink come out

Gideal White Board Dry Erase Board

Dry Erase Board always keep white, making your words easy to see and read.
Perfect size for school home and office.
Premium bright white surface is smooth and Scratch resistance.
Even a novice can hang this dry erase board with ease.
Quality guarantee: If you have any issues with our products, feel free to contact us.

Price: $19.99

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