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Darice 2505-53 Photo Storage Box, Plain White Paper

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Darice 2505-53 Photo Storage Box - Plain White Paper

Darice 2505-53 Photo Storage Box - Plain White Paper Features

  1. FOR HOME STORAGE NEEDS - White storage box is great for a variety of storage needs. Craft supplies, small toys, books and game pieces will have a home and be easy to find. The clean white box looks great on its own either in a closet or on a shelf.
  2. READY TO DECORATE - The white paper box is ready to decorate with markers, tape, paint and embellishments. Add rhinestones, beads or small photos. The options are endless to display your unique design.
  3. KEEP PHOTOS ORGANIZED - The photo box comes with filing index cards to easily organize and separate photos. Easily find the photos you are looking for when organized by date or special event or vacation.
  4. VERSATILE BOX - The white paper storage box measures 7.5" wide x 11" long x 4" tall. It is a shoe box shape and is great for storing and protecting photos, notes, craft supplies and more.
Darice White Storage box is perfect for storing and protecting photos Shoe box shape, White Paper, Can be decorated.

Price: $11.69

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