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Crayola Crayons Bulk, 24 Box Classpack, 24 Assorted Colors

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Crayola Crayons Bulk - 24 Box Classpack - 24 Assorted Colors

Crayola Crayons Bulk - 24 Box Classpack - 24 Assorted Colors Features

  1. Bulk Crayola crayons are great for teachers as classroom supplies.
  2. The 24 colors include apricot, black, blue, bluetiful, blue green, blue violet, brown, carnation pink, cerulean, gray, green, green yellow, indigo, orange, red, red orange, red violet, scarlet, violet, violet red, white, yellow, yellow green, and yellow orange.
  3. Features 24 crayon boxes with 24 assorted colors in each.
Crayola New Bluetiful Classic Color Pack Crayons provide kids of all ages with a safe, bright and colorful way to express their creative and artistic side. This set includes a robust assortment of true hues and intense brightness in primary colors such as blue, red and yellow and secondary colors including green, orange and purple. Each of the Crayola Classic Crayons in this 24-count package are double-wrapped in paper for extra strength and durability. Each label features the name of the crayon's shade and is color-coordinated with the writing tool it is covered with. These Crayola color crayons are non-toxic, making them safe for younger children. These design instruments are teacher-preferred and can also be used at home.

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