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Crayola 24 Count Crayons (6-Pack)

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Crayola 24 Count Crayons (6-Pack)

Crayola 24 Count Crayons (6-Pack) Features

  1. Each pack of Crayola Crayons provide 24 hues for vibrant, high-quality results and long-lasting color
  2. 6 packs of Crayola 24 Ct Crayons for a total of 144 crayons in all!
  3. Double wrapped for extra strength.
  4. True hues and intense brightness in primary and secondary colors.
  5. Classic crayons.
Kids will love to use these crayons at home or at school. Each pack comes in a convenient portable box that is small enough to fit in a book bag and large enough to hold 24 different colors. In addition to classic Crayola colors, this box contains fun shades such as carnation pink, dandelion, indigo and scarlet, allowing kids to mix and match for colorful drawings and bold signs.

Price: $11.52

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