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Coavas White Board Sticker, Peel and Stick Dry Erase Message Board Decal

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Coavas White Board Sticker - Peel and Stick Dry Erase Message Board Decal for Home and Office with a Black Pen

Coavas White Board Sticker - Peel and Stick Dry Erase Message Board Decal for Home and Office with a Black Pen Features

  1. White Board Sticker -- CHILDREN DRAWING DESK: post white sticker on the desk, kids can enjoy their free style drawing and the parent won't worry about the dirty problem.
  2. White Board Sticker -- BEST WORKING PARTENER: can used as a projector curtain wall, post the white sticker on the wall directly. You can check the installation video before using the sticker.
  3. White Board Sticker -- MULTIFUNCIONAL: have the traditional white board function, and also have the function of saving space, convenient to carry, can post on the arc-shaped surface, can display into any shape,and also can work on a magnetic board.
  4. White Board Sticker -- SIZE AND THICKNESS: 78.74*17.7 inch (L*W),can purchase several rolls to get different display effect. Thickness: 0.18mm
The Description of the White Board Sticker:

Sold by Beautyhalo

Applicable Environment: The smooth painted surface, smooth glass surface, the smooth surface of the wood, smooth whiteboard;

Not Applicable Environment: Gray wall, ash wall, the rough wall, with the grain surface of the glass and the rough surface of the wood.

Note: Before you use, please open it for 15 minutes and then put it on the wall.If the tape to stick on your wall, then the white board sticker also can stick on your wall.

Tips for post the white board sticker decal on the wall:

White board sticker's viscidity will be effected by the cold weather.

Please make sure the wall is clean and no surface dust before posting.

During posting, please don't tear off all of the protection paper directly. Better to fix one white board sticker corner, and use the scraper to squeeze bubbles, then little by little to post the sticker, you will get a beautiful sticky tightly sticker finally.

If you want to display a bigger size white board, better 3 or more person to help you when you post the sticker on the wall.

Price: $6.98

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