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Cat Washi Tape - Play with Me - Love My Tapes

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Cat Washi Tape - Play with Me - Love My Tapes

Cat Washi Tape - Play with Me - Love My Tapes Features

  1. perfect for scrapbooking, arts & crafts, packaging, and paper products. Every serial-crafter needs a little Washi Tape in their craft supply bin.
  2. decorate your wrapping paper for family and friends gifts
  3. make your family and friend's fun and cute personalized cards
  4. make unique scrapbook pages
Washi tape is wonderful for adding a fast embellishment to many kinds of craft projects! The decorative tape will add a lovely finishing touch to handmade items or add it to store bought items for a unique personal touch. Washi tape has become extremely popular among crafters in recent years since it was introduced from Japan. The beautiful decorative tape (also known as Japanese Masking Tape) is made from paper and is sticky on one side. It is a simple way to add cute embellishments to all of your projects whether you are a weekend warrior crafter or run a small craft business of your own. Since it can be used in all kinds of crafting, all types of crafters need to have some washi tape in their craft stash in case of embellishment emergencies!

Price: $6.95

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