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Avery Round Labels, Glossy White, 2.5-Inch Size, 135 Labels – Great fo

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Avery Round Labels - Glossy White - 2.5-Inch Size - 135 Labels – Great for Labeling Christmas Gifts (44830)

Avery Round Labels - Glossy White - 2.5-Inch Size - 135 Labels – Great for Labeling Christmas Gifts (44830) Features

  1. Easily personalize your printable labels with thousands of free designs at avery.com/templates.
  2. Permanent adhesive guaranteed to stick and stay put on envelopes, cardboard, paper, glass or metal. Small round labels won't lift, curl or fall off like other brands.
  3. Perfect for product branding, event decorations, party favors, crafts, bottle labels, beer labels, wide mouth Mason jar labels, canning labels, food containers and bath & beauty products.
  4. These glossy round labels allow you to add vibrant color and crisp text all the way to the edge of the label stickers for a premium, professional look.
Boost your brand to the top of the pile with these glossy round labels. With Ultrahold permanent adhesive, they're guaranteed to stick and stay on envelopes, cardboard, paper, glass, metal or polybags. These shiny label stickers sport a rich glossy finish perfect for creating address labels, Ball Mason jar labels, jam labels, bottle labels, beer bottle labels, wine bottle labels, canning labels, glass bottle labels and small round labels for your wrapping paper or party favors. They’re also wonderful for creating food container labels and organizing personal belongings. Optimized for both laser & inkjet printers, you can add vibrant color and crisp, clear text all the way to the edge of these glossy labels for maximum visual impact. With True Print technology, the printer alignment of text and images is accurate and reliable. Easily customize your round labels stickers with your product branding using the thousands of free designs available at avery.com/templates. Whether you own a small business or craft your own beer at home, this pack of 135 small round labels makes creating impactful branding for your products quick and easy.

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