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2018 Wall Calendar "Vladimir Putin the President of Russia", 1

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2018 Wall Calendar

2018 Wall Calendar "Vladimir Putin the President of Russia" - 11.5" x 11.5" - 8 Languages (English - Spanish - French - German - Italian - Chinese - Japanese - Russian) Features

  1. High quality paper and photos
  2. Comes in 8 languages
  3. Vladimir Putin Wall Calendar 2018
A collection of selected photographs of the leader of Russian Federation - President Vladimir Putin. Each page of the calendar depicts a photograph of Vladimir Putin in different time and occasion. Here are the images of the president occupied with his numerous hobbies, Putin participating in official meetings and reception, and of course photographs of Vladimir Putin engaged in sport activities. Comes with exclusive Russian calendar - "Putin on the bear" (Size 2.5" x 4")

Price: $10.99

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